Electrical Safety Checks
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Electrical Safety Checks

Where would we be if scientists had not learned to harness electrical and give us all of the , appliances, gadgets and electronics that we have all come to depend on. Electricity may be the best invention ever, but it is also dangerous. Thus you must either check out your home’s electrical system or have a professional such as Hickey Plumbing, Air & Electrical come to your home and run an inspection. This should be done especially if your home is more that 30 years old.

Listed below are a few tips of things that you may be able to check out yourself.

First check out your panel box. Above all your panel box should never be hot or even warm. Also in your box make sure that all of the breakers are labeled as to what they control. Those breakers can be a real bother when they may be constantly tripping. If that is happening to certain breakers in your panel it is telling you that this circuit is overloaded with too many gadgets or appliances. A professional should come in and reconfigure your breakers.

Go around to each of your outlets in every room and feel them also. Your outlets, like your breaker box, should not be warm. This could become a serious problem. Notice also if you have any of the two-pronged outlets. Change them out to the three-pronged, grounded outlets. This is a good time to also check cords of your electric devices to see if they have three-prong plugs.

Make a mental note if you have lights blinking. This could also be a potential problem. It could be a light fixture problem or maybe a breaker panel problem.

If you have any cords that are running under rugs move them and reroute them to the plug.

The easiest tip is to always have a fire extinguisher handy. Learn how it works in case you have an electrical fire.

Expert electricians are available with your call to Hickey Plumbing, Air & Electrical.