Electric Bill Savings
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Electric Bill Savings

According to the US Department of Energy almost one half of your electric bill is due to heating and cooling your home. One third of your bill is due to your appliances, cooking and lighting. One quarter of your bill is usage of your water heater and your refrigerator.

With a simple telephone call to your electric company they will send a representative to your home and do an energy audit of your home. An energy audit can help you know what appliances and or heating and cooling equipment you may need to update. Because of advances in technology, even a heating and cooling unit that was purchased as recently as eight to ten years ago can be the reason that your electric bill is higher by as much as $100 a month.

Although a new heating and cooling unit is a major and expensive purchase it can save money in the long run by running more efficiently. Plus it adds value to your home if you are planning on selling that home in the next few years.

Also big culprits in wasting energy in your home are the appliances that are used daily, such as your washing machine, refrigerator, dryer and dishwasher. Replacing them can save you dollars every month. However, make sure that the new appliances you are replacing are U.S. EPA and Department of Energy approved. The appliances will have the Energy Star label attached to them.