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For homeowners in Lynchburg, VA, and the surrounding areas, ensuring the optimal functioning of their home’s essential systems is paramount. This is where Hickey Plumbing, Air & Electrical steps in. Our comprehensive home service agreement program is designed to provide peace of mind and reliability. Whether it’s your HVAC, plumbing, or electrical systems, we have you covered. With our comprehensive agreement, unexpected breakdowns or maintenance issues become less of a worry.

With just one purchase, you’ll gain access to our comprehensive maintenance plan, which encompasses all three systems in your home. This includes four service visits, spanning HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems — giving you the confidence that your home is always in top condition.

Since 1979, Hickey Plumbing, Air & Electrical has been a trusted name in the Lynchburg area. Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction sets us apart. By choosing us, you’re not just hiring a service provider; you’re partnering with experts who care about the safety and comfort of your home. Contact us today!

Stay Powered With Our Electrical Service Agreement

Electricity is the lifeblood of a modern home, and its importance cannot be overstated. As part of our all-inclusive maintenance plan, our electrical service agreement ensures that your home’s electrical systems are always in top shape. Regular electrical inspections by our qualified electricians can help identify potential issues before they escalate. This agreement covers everything from circuit breakers to outlets, ensuring that your home is safe and your electrical systems are efficient.

By signing up for our electrical service agreement, you also get the benefit of having a dedicated electrical inspector who understands your home’s unique needs. This proactive approach not only saves money in the long run but also ensures compliance with the National Electric Code. You can count on our electrical contractors to perform all electrical work to the highest industry standards.

Keep Comfortable With Our HVAC Maintenance Agreement

The comfort of your home heavily depends on the efficiency of your HVAC system. As another core component of our maintenance plan, our HVAC maintenance agreement is designed to keep your heating and air conditioning systems in excellent working condition. Regular maintenance by our skilled technicians means that your HVAC system will operate more efficiently, saving you money on energy bills and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Our HVAC service contract includes routine inspections, quality control checks, and repairs as needed. With Hickey Plumbing, Air & Electrical, you’re not just getting heating and air conditioning services; you’re ensuring year-round comfort for your home.

Prevent Issues With Our Plumbing Service Agreement

Plumbing problems can be disruptive and often come without warning. As part of our maintenance plan, our plumbing service agreement is your first line of defense against such unexpected issues. From diagnosing leaky faucets to checking for potential gas leaks, our skilled plumbers ensure your plumbing system functions smoothly. Regular maintenance and inspections help in identifying potential problems early, avoiding costly repairs and damage.

This agreement is not just about fixing problems; it’s about prevention. Our experts will guide you through best practices for maintaining your plumbing system, offering insights and advice tailored to your home.

Why Choose Us?

At Hickey Plumbing, Air & Electrical, we understand the importance of trust and reliability. Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to providing top-notch service with a focus on customer satisfaction. We stand by our work, ensuring that every job, big or small, is done with utmost care and professionalism.

Choosing our service agreement means choosing a partner who values your peace of mind. Our comprehensive agreement is designed to cater to all your home’s essential systems, backed by a team that’s always ready to offer immediate attention and expert solutions.

Protect Your Home’s Essential Systems Today!

Ready to protect your home’s essential systems? Contact Hickey Plumbing, Air & Electrical today to schedule a service call. Our team is eager to discuss how our service agreement can be tailored to your specific needs. By choosing us for your maintenance needs, you’re not just ensuring the smooth operation of your home’s systems; you’re also joining a community of homeowners who value safety, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Contact us now to learn more about our home service agreement program, or schedule a service today!

Hickey Plumbing, Air, and Electric
Whole Home Service Agreement


Our whole home Electric Inspection provides a comprehensive inspection of your interior Electrical System. Focused on detecting potential problems before safety and your convenience are impacted, our inspection will give you peace of mind and resolve electrical issues throughout your home.

What We Do

 Our 17-point electric inspection includes the following:

At your service panel, we will:

  • Check for open breaker slots or knockouts, damaged/loose conduits or wires and determine if there is any expansion ability in the main panel. 
  • Check and tighten wire termination on all wires in panel, including main feeders and branch circuits.
  • Check bus bar for damage, discoloration, or burn marks. 
  • Check main grounding system (two points of ground). 
  • Check wires in panel; any aluminum, too many per breaker, brittle or burnt. 
  • Check breakers amperage and confirm they match wire sizing. 

Throughout the home, we will: 

  • Check accessible electrical outlets using plug tester – check polarity & grounding
  • Remove two outlets to check for wiring method, age, and arcing
  • Confirm GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) exists in all code-required locations (garage, unfinished basements, crawlspaces, bathroom, kitchen, etc.)
  • Check GFCIs operation
  • Look for any generally unsafe conditions (unsecured wires, missing cover plates, missing junction boxes).
  • Look for any generally unsafe conditions (unsecured wires, missing cover plates, missing junction boxes). 
  • Check smoke detector operation and change batteries.
  • Check smoke detectors/CO detector locations to meet code (every bedroom, hallway outside of bedrooms, every floor) and change batteries. 
  • Check grounding on major appliances: dryer, range. 
  • Check ceiling fan(s) operation. 
  • Check exhaust fan(s). 
  • We will provide you with a 360° Evaluation, answer your questions and discuss any safety concerns noted. We will also apply safety identification labels to your panel and associated equipment. 

When is an Electrical Inspection Needed? 

  • Upon buying a home. 
  • When a home is older than 40 years. 
  • When adding a major appliance. 
  • Prior to or during a major home renovation.

Benefits of an Electric Inspection

  • Ensuring the safe operation of electrical components in your home. Identify electrocution hazards. This includes reducing the risks of both mild and severe shocks. 
  • Decreased risk of fire: Electrical fires are the most common cause of total home loss in the nation. In fact, each year, around 51,000 house fires originate from electrical systems1. Faulty wiring could also result in major electronic damage during severe weather. We can discover damage early and prevent short circuits and possible fires. 
  • Identify common electrical mistakes made by contractors and previous DIY homeowners. 
  • Recognizing outdated wiring such as aluminum or knob-and-tube. 
  • Identify electrical wiring and components that may have degraded over time. 
  • Spot oversized fuses or breakers and panels that could lead to fire. 
  • Help you save energy and reduce costs. Loose connections cause significant power and inflate your utility bill. Energy efficient lighting upgrades are an easy way to save money


Emergency repair calls are never cheap or convenient. With proper maintenance, a trained Plumber can catch most of these problems before they happen. 

What We Do

  • 10-point water heater tune-up:
  1. Check water shut-off valve for proper operation
  2. Test Temperature and Pressure safety relief valve 
  3. Drain water from tank to flush out sediment – replace drain valve if necessary 
  4. Inspect anode rod (if accessible) 
  5. Check water pressure at the tank – is an expansion tank needed? 
  6. Clean burner or lint chamber on FVIR water heater 
  7. Check thermocouple and clean if necessary 
  8. Check for gas leaks
  9. Check for proper drafting of vent gases and integrity of venting system 
  10. Check for visible corrosion and stability of tank base 
  • Dye-test all toilets and check all toilet connections and seals for tightness 
  • Check all faucets for proper operation and clean faucet screens 
  • Test sump pump for proper operation and clean out debris from sump pit 
  • Inspect all exposed drain pipes and floor drains 
  • Inspect all gas piping and valves 
  • Install safety identification labels on plumbing valves and piping 
  • Check garbage disposer, dishwasher, clothes dryer and washing machine connections 
  • Check Incoming Home PSI

**Free water quality check upon request**

Benefits of What We Do

  • Expose leaks before they become costly 
  • Lower future repair costs and head off major damage 
  • Operate more efficiently and cleaner; lasts longer 
  • Safer hot water heater and peace of mind 
  • Increase water pressure • Saves money on future plumbing calls (if needed)



 A comprehensive tune-up consists of 13 efficiency tasks, 2 safety tasks and the air conditioner will be cleaned and waxed. 

  • Inspect thermostat – An improperly calibrated thermostat will call for more or less cooling than desired. The former will cost you money, the latter will cost you comfort. BENEFIT: Saves money on utility costs, increases comfort. 
  • Lubricate the blower motor and inspect the blower wheel – Motor bearings require semiannual lubrication to reduce friction and wear. The blower wheel must be clean to deliver proper airflow. Some motors do not require lubrication but must be cleaned to prevent overheating. BENEFIT: Saves money by extending the life of the blower motor. 
  • Clean and adjust blower components – Proper adjustment and cleanliness of blower and components are necessary for adequate airflow. BENEFIT: Avoids costly service calls, saves money on fuel costs. 
  • Clean condensate drain. Clean if necessary – A clogged condensate drain can cause severe water damage as well as cause high indoor humidity levels. BENEFIT: Saves money on fuel, extends life of system.
  • Inspect evaporator cooling coil (indoor coil) – Grease and dirt build up on this coil reduces system capacity and efficiency. Also, a dirty coil can cause condensate water leakage and damage to the property. BENEFIT: Extends life of system, saves money.
  • Lubricate outside fan – Lubrication of outside fan motor will extend its life, making it less expensive to operate. BENEFIT: Extends life, saves money on fuel. 
  • Check fins on outdoor coil – By checking the fins on your unit our technician can increase the airflow. BENEFIT: Extends life, saves money on fuel.
  • Examine all electrical connections – Loose connections cause improper voltage to various components, causing eventual failure. BENEFIT: Extends life, assures safety. 
  • Check starting capabilities – Insures system will start and operate when needed. BENEFIT: Extends life, saves money on fuel. 
  • Take operating pressure for proper refrigerant charge – Improper refrigerant charge, too much or too little, could damage the compressor and could cause high electric bills through a curtailment of system efficiency. BENEFIT: Saves money on fuel; extends life of system. 
  • Record amperage measurements on motors – Improper amperage can reduce significantly the life of the compressor, evaporator and condenser motor. BENEFIT: Extends life of system. 
  • Inspect all safety controls – Essential for proper protection of system. BENEFIT: Assures safety of unit. 
  • Record temperature drop – By checking the actual degrees of temperature drop throughout your system, our technician can pinpoint whether or not your system is performing like it should. BENEFIT: Assures total system efficiency. 
  • Clean outdoor coil – Foreign material on the condenser coil reduces the system’s capacity to remove heat and increases energy usage. BENEFIT: Extends life of system, saves money. 
  • Clean the air conditioner – Prevents rust and oxidation. BENEFIT: Extends life and enhances appearance



A comprehensive tune-up consists of 5 safety tasks, 11 efficiency tasks and clean and wax the unit(s).

  • Inspect the thermostat – Ensures the thermostat is programmed properly. The thermostat will be leveled and all electrical connections will be checked for good contact. BENEFIT: Maximum comfort and fuel savings. 
  • Inspect the furnace area for combustible material – Combustible material and harmful vapors that are dangerously close to furnace can create a fire hazard. BENEFIT: Safety; prevents fire 
  • Adjust all air volume dampers – Ensures that warm air is delivered at the proper volume to all areas of the home to provide maximum comfort in all areas. BENEFIT: Assures comfort. 
  • Inspect Flue – This ensures the flue is free of obstruction, properly supported, drafts properly and the piping is not corroded. Flues that do not draft properly are dangerous. BENEFIT: Safety 
  • Clean and the exterior of the furnace. BENEFIT: Appearance and longer life. 
  • Lubricate the blower motor and inspect the blower wheel – Motor bearings require semi-annual lubrication to reduce friction and wear. The blower wheel must be clean to deliver proper airflow. Some motors do not require lubrication, but must be cleaned to prevent overheating. BENEFIT: Saves money by extending the life of the blower motor. 
  • Inspect, clean and adjust gas burners – Ensures proper fuel/air mixture for maximum combustion efficiency and smooth ignition. BENEFIT: Saves money by ensuring maximum efficiency. 
  • Examine the heat exchanger – To ensure proper fuel combustion and heat transfer. The heat exchanger will be cleaned and visibly inspected for holes or cracks. Holes or cracks in the heat exchanger are dangerous due to the possibility of combustible gas and carbon monoxide entering the living area. BENEFIT: Safety 
  • Lubricate vent motor and other moving parts – Poor lubrication causes drag in the motor drive shaft and an increase in electrical consumption. Lack of lubrication will ruin the bearing and burn out the motor. BENEFIT: Saves money by extending the life of the furnace and reduces electrical consumption. 
  • Service the humidifier – Adjust by-pass dampers, clean exterior and interior of humidifier cabinet. Set humidistat reading to 40% and check for proper water flow. Water panels will be replaced with customer’s approval at current prices. BENEFIT: Insures comfort by providing the proper amount of humidity to your home. 
  • Check condensate drain. Clean if necessary – A clogged condensate drain can cause severe water damage as well as equipment damage. Drain hoses will be replaced as needed with customer’s approval at current prices. BENEFIT: Saves money on fuel, extends life of system. 
  • Verify manifold gas pressure – Accurate gas pressure is required to control the fuel input to the furnace without wasting fuel. Insufficient gas pressure can cause corrosion of furnace venting components. BENEFIT: Saves money and extends the life of the furnace.
  • Check gas connections at furnace for gas leaks – Ensures tight gas pipe connections at the furnace and gas valve. BENEFIT: Safety. Alerts technician to potentially dangerous situations. 
  • Measure the temperature increase through the furnace – Insures the airflow through the furnace meets the manufacturer’s recommendation to insure maximum efficiency. BENEFIT: Save money by providing maximum efficiency. 
  • Measure the electrical operation of the furnace – Check for proper voltage and amperage of the electrical components. Check wire condition and terminal contact. BENEFIT: Saves money by finding potential problems thereby reducing the number of service calls. 
  • Test for carbon monoxide gas – Carbon monoxide is a deadly, colorless, and odorless gas caused by incomplete combustion, blocked flues, vent connectors that are not attached or corroded and heat exchangers that have holes or cracks. BENEFIT: Safety. Alerts the technician to a dangerous condition that must be located and resolved

Generator Service and Maintenance

Generators need to be serviced regularly to increase service life, minimize equipment malfunction, enhance performance, and ensure reliability.

What We Do:

General Tasks

  • Inspect area in and around the generator
  • Inspect Enclosure
  • Check fuel lines for leaks
  • Inspect fuel regulators, regulator venting
  • Simulate power outage

Engine Maintenance

  • Replace spark plugs and inspect plug wires
  • Inspect and clean oil cooler
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Inspect intake and exhaust system – check for leaks, condition, and loose hardware
  • Inspect starter motor and starter solenoid for overall condition and connections
  • Inspect engine vibration isolators
  • Change oil and oil filter

Non-Engine Maintenance

  • AC Electrical System
  1. Inspect rotor and stator wires
  2. Torque breaker and neutral/ground lugs
  3. Inspect stator vibration isolators
  • DC Electrical System
  1. Battery – is dated, check level, clean connections, and load test
  2. Battery Charger – check charge rate and check connections

** 3-year service agreements include a free battery replacement ($160.00 value) **

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No hidden fees, clear breakdowns, and complete peace of mind.


Get prompt service when you need it most.

Satisfaction Guranteed

Your happiness is our top priority, no compromises.

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