AC Not Keeping You Cool? Here Are A Few Things to Check
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AC Not Keeping You Cool? Here Are A Few Things to Check

AC Not Cooling

With the hottest weather of the season upon us, you may be noticing that your home’s central air conditioner isn’t able to keep you cool enough during the steamy, dog days of summer. Before calling a Hickey Plumbing, Air and Electrical for help, there are a few things you can check first if your home is not staying cool enough.

1. Is the air filter dirty? It doesn’t take much dirt to reduce the airflow in a typical fiberglass or paper filter. Even if the filter looks relatively clean, if it’s more than a couple months old, replace it.

2. Is the airflow obstructed? Ensure that the supply registers AND returns are not blocked. Move furniture well away from vents to allow the air to flow. While It may seem like a good idea to close vents and doors in rooms that are unoccupied, it can actually make your AC work less efficiently as a result of having lower air volume than the system was designed to handle.

3. Reduce heat sources inside the home. Closing blinds on the south facing windows and skylights and cooking outside during the hottest days can make a significant difference in how much heat accumulates during the day. Also ensure that bathroom ventilation fans and range hoods are effectively removing humid air from the home.

4. Improve air circulation. While ceiling fans won’t lower the temperature of the air, they will move the cooler air down into the living space and provide some evaporative cooling to help make warmer rooms feel more comfortable.

5. The AC is maxed out. It’s important to understand that most central air conditioners are designed to deliver only a 20 degree temperature difference between outside and inside temperatures. If the temperature hits 100 degrees and the thermostat is set to 75, it’s going to be running almost constantly. In this case, turning down the thermostat is not going to cool the house down any further.

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