5 Problems Caused By Hard Water
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5 Problems Caused By Hard Water

Hard Water Problems

Hard water is water that contains a high amount of dissolved mineral content. When ground water percolates through layers of limestone, chalk or gypsum, it can end up containing high levels of calcium, magnesium carbonates and bicarbonates. Hard water in the home can cause many problems. Some are minor annoyances, while others can lead to more maintenance and expensive damage to plumbing systems.

Here are five problems hard water can cause.

1. Water Heater Problems

Over time, the minerals in hard water can accumulate at the bottom of the water heater tank. This extra layer between the burner and the water reduces efficiency and wastes energy. The sediment can also shorten the life of the water heater by leading to corrosion. Flushing the water heater tank on a regular basis can help remove the sediment and prevent problems.

2. Plumbing Fixture Damage

Hard water can cause faucets and shower heads to clog, leading to low water flow and damage to seals and plated finishes. Mineral deposits can be removed by soaking the fixture in vinegar over night to dissolve the built up limescale.

3. Dishes and Glassware that Are Difficult to Clean

Spotting on dishes, cutlery and glasses is a common problem caused by hard water. Keeping dishes clean often means extra work hand washing and carefully drying to prevent spotting.

4. Shower Soap Scum Buildup

The combination of hot water and soap can create a film on bathtubs and shower enclosures, leading to unsightly soap scum. Removing this film takes more cleaning products and adds more effort to cleaning routines.

5. Laundry That’s More Difficult To Clean

Washing clothing in hard water typically means adding more detergent to each load to remove dirt and keep clothes bright and clean looking. The minerals in water can also leave towels and clothing unpleasantly stiff and scratchy feeling, requiring a fabric softener to make laundry feel soft.

The Solution To Hard Water Is a Water Filtration System

Because hard water can cost you time and money in the form of extra cleaning, maintenance and plumbing repairs, installing a water filtration system makes a lot of sense. You’ll enjoy cleaner, better tasting water that’s easier on your plumbing system and makes keeping your home clean much easier.

If you’re experiencing problems caused by hard water in your home, call Hickey Plumbing, Air & Electrical. We can test your water for hard water, as well as other contaminates that can affect the quality of your drinking water.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]